Staff Directory

Citipointe Christian College is not only school for our students, but the workplace for a large group of staff and tutors.

Staff List 

Staff List January 2018  
College Executive Grace House
PRINCIPAL Pastor B Mulheran BSc MThAppTh Cert IV TAE
HEAD of PRIMARY Mrs R Gravestein DipTch BEd MEd MACEL MACE
DIRECTOR OF ICT Mr B Davis BInfTech (Bond) GradDipEd MEd MCP CNA
OPERATIONS / COMPLIANCE MANAGER Mr E Tham BEng GradDipMktg DipFinPlanning DipLifeIns
DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Mrs G Fitz-Payne Cert IV Business Management Cert IV Volunteer Mgmt FEdplus
(Citipointe Group Services) (Citipointe Church Brisbane)
Executive Pastor Pastor B Ramsey
Payroll Officer Mrs B Henry
Payroll Mr E Seto BComm
(Outside School Hours Care) (OSHC is administered for the College by Citpointe Childcare)
Administration Staff: Grace House
Office Manager; Assistant to the Registrar Mrs S du Plessis BProc LLB DipPM
Assistant to the Registrar Mrs K Booth BComm GradDipMin Cert IV TESOL
Digital Communications Officer Mr J Chng BBus (Mktg) DipBusStud
Development Office Assistant p/t Mrs L Gray BCommunications
Receptionist Mrs L Starkey
Relieving Receptionist p/t Mrs G Lau Cert III ChnsServcs
Data Entry Officer Mrs B Heron Cert IV FinServ(Bkkpg)
PA to the Principal & Development Director Mrs L Maguire
PA to Head of Secondary Mrs T Maunder
PA to Head of Primary; Primary staff secretary; Return to work Coordinator Mrs L Meddings Cert IV Bus Admin
Business Officer Mrs N de Graaff Cert IV FinServ(Bkkpg)
Business Support Officer Mrs R Heath
Business Support Officer Mrs I Monty
Accounts Officer p/t Mrs L van Lelyveld BComm (Hons) Acc’g CA (SA)
First Aid Officer p/t Mrs M Hood
First Aid Officer p/t Mrs R Levendal Cert Nurs
First Aid Officer p/t Mrs G Lau Cert III ChnsSvcs
Further Administration staff:  
Student Services Coordinator; Student Protection Officer (primary and secondary) Mrs N Missenden BPsych(Hons)
Guidance Consultant p/t (primary and secondary) Mrs S Smith MGuid.&Couns BEd BSc(Hons) GradDipResourceTch GradDipPsychStud Member AGCA AssocM APS
Student Counsellor (secondary) Ms R Grobbelaar BPsych MProfPsych
Performance & Instrumental:  
Director of Performance Mrs D Herschell CMusA ATMusA DipPR Pub & Prom Cert. PR&M
Instrumental Music Coordinator Mr J Proellocks BMus(Perf) GradDipEd (Mrs Kendre Bent BMus GradDipEd (on maternity leave)
Sports Assistant Primary p/t Mrs K Hicks Cert II OfficeAdmin
Sports Assistant Secondary p/t Mr K Waters Cert IV Personal Training
College Uniform Store:  
Uniform Store Manager Mrs C Van Manen
Uniform Store Assistant Mrs Chan Mei Lac
Computer Systems / IT:  
Director of ICT Mr B Davis BInfTech (Bond) GradDipEd MEd MCP CNA
IT Operations Manager Mr C Hepplewhite
IT Network Administrator Mr G Ng BInfTech (Hons2a) DipComp&NwkTech
Desktop System Engineer Mr K Lam BInfTech (QUT) DipInfTech
IT Systems Adminstrator Mr T Ellaby Dip Nurs Dip IT MCITP
Technical Support Officer Mr A Dickinson Dip IT(Networking)
Technical Support Officer p/t Mr C O’Brien Cert III IT Dip IT CCNA (Networking)
Technical Support Officer Mr B Kelly Cert IV IT
Libraries: Secondary Linke Library
Head of Library Services Mrs S Borinetti BA DipEd DipTchLib
Library Technician Mrs R Bowles DipLib/Inf Services Cert III Ed Support
Library Aide p/t Mrs S Chapman
Library Aide Mrs C Boerdam
Resource Centre Officer p/t Mrs M Moore ADipSocSc(ChCare)
  Primary Library
Primary Library Coordinator Mrs L Owens BEd Cert GE
Library Technician Mrs L Baigent BSc(LibTech)
Library Aide Mrs K Gagliardi CertTch
Library Aide p/t Mrs E Yamazaki
  Primary Resource Centre
Class Resources Officer Mrs V Mulheran
Bus Manager Mr M Bunch
Assistants to Bus Manager Mr D Brayley; Mr A Kerridge
College Ancillary Staff:  
Canteen Convenor (Secondary) Mrs A Loots Cert III Hosp (HygPracFoodSfty)
Canteen Coordinator; Canteen Convenor (Primary) Mrs C Van Den Berg Cert IV in Allied Health Nutrition and Dietetics
Equipment and Property Officer; Receiving & Despatch Officer Ms J Kelly
Print Room Manager; Primary Administrative Assistant Mrs R Crowe Cert III Ed Support
Primary Ancillary Staff:  
Administrative  Assistant Mrs P Lohr
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs J Brayley Cert III Ed Support
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Miss R Sullivan DipECE&Care Cert III EarlyChhd
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs Y Egan Cert III Ed Support
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs P Leyden BTeach
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs B Harrison-Burns Cert III Ed Support Cert Vet Nrsg
Teacher Aide (Literacy & Prep Reading) Mrs C Rice
Teacher Aide (Literacy) p/t Mrs K Govan
Teacher Aide (Literacy) p/t Mrs J Hatton Cert IV TESOL Cert IV TAide
Teacher Aide (Literacy) Mrs J Smith Cert III ChCare&TAideEd
Teacher Aide (Year 1) Mrs S Webster
Teacher Aide (Student Support & Admin) p/t Mrs E van Heerden
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs C Russell Cert III EdSupport
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs B Kelso Cert III EdSupport
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs B Spies
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs S Sim DipEd CertIV CommServ
Teacher Aide (Art) p/t Mrs E Yamazaki Cert III Chns Serv Cert III EdSupport Cert IV HlthCommSvcs(DivThpy)
Teacher Aide (HPE) p/t Mr A Campbell-Staines
Secondary Ancillary Staff:  
Secondary Administrative Assistant to Heads of Year Mrs J Cowley DipChildCare&Ed
Secondary Administration Assistant p/t Mrs D Stafford
Secondary Reception p/t Mrs L Francis
Secondary Reception p/t Mrs A Cairns
Secondary Administration Assistant p/t Mrs J Wren BEd DipTch
Science Technician Mr M Bowles BA GradDipEd
Science Technician p/t Mrs E Joubert BSc DipHaematology
Secondary Administration Assistant Mrs P Myhill
Secondary Administration Assistant Mrs J Goulding Cert IV BusAdmin
Teacher Aide Arts p/t Mrs G Parkin Cert Comm llust&Desgn
Teacher Aide Hospitality p/t Mrs B Mergard
Teacher Aide Hospitality p/t Mrs L Niesler-Cant
Teacher Aide Hospitality p/t Mrs L Francis
Technology Assistant p/t Mr G Brown
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs A Burns BA(Lit&Comm) Cert III EdSupport
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs G Dowie
Citipointe Tutoring Academy Assistant p/t Mrs B Jackson BAdultEd&VocTrg MEComm
Director of Primary Operations and Administration; Student Care P-6 Boys; Student Support Teacher; Student Protection Officer Mr P Staines BTch Cert IV WHS GradDipEd
Director of Primary Teaching Learning & Innovation; 4 Maths Mrs J Blackwell BBus GradDipTch&Lng
Director of Technology Systems (Primary); STEM Teacher; Pastoral Care Assistant Mr D Smith Cert III Welding & Thermal Cutting BTch BEd
Director of Primary Academic Development; Literacy Teacher  Mrs R Carlisle BEd
Primary Class Teachers  
Preparatory Mrs K Roberts Cert III ChristnMin BEd
Preparatory Miss M Price BEd
Preparatory Mrs A Baxter DipTch BEd
Preparatory Mrs B Smith BEd
Preparatory Ms K Wahry BEd
Year 1 Mrs A Robertson BBus BEd
Year 1 Mr G Heffernan BEd
Year 1 Mrs D Poole BTch BEd & Mrs C Stewart BTch BEd
Year 1 Mrs J Burrell DipEd HDipEd
Year 1 Mr M Henry BMin BEd
Year 2 Mr W Vincent BA BTch DipChristianMinistry DipEDP
Year 2 Mr D Osypiv BEd
Year 2 Mrs A Paten Cert III EdSupport AssDipApplSc BEd
Year 2 Mrs P Dolby BEd
Year 2 Mrs K Caswell BEd & Mrs J Kilner BEd
Year 3 Mrs R Turley BEd
Year 3 Mrs K Clements Cert III CommSvcs Cert IV TESOL Dip Couns BEd
Year 3 Mr B Smith BComm GradDipEd
Year 3 Mrs D Ballhause Cert III ChnSvcs BEd
Year 3 Mrs J Carlisle Bed
Year 4 Mrs S Speaight BEd
Year 4 Mr I Tang DipTch & Mrs F Pesonen BEd
Year 4 Mr H ten Cate BA HDipEd BA(Hons)
Year 4 Mrs E Smith Cert IV BusAdmin BEd GradCertEd
Year 4 Mr C Osborne BEd
Year 5 Mr J Curtis BEd
Year 5 Mrs L Hendricks BA BEd(Hons) HDipEd
Year 5 Mr C George DipMus(Tech) GradDipEd MInfTech
Year 5 Mrs K Dinale Cert III CommServ BNurs GradDipEd
Year 6 Mr Martin O’Sullivan Cert III Fitness DipTch BEd
Year 6 Mrs S Olivier BEd
Year 6 Mr D Hendricks Cert IV TAE DipEd HDipEd BEd(Hons)
Year 6 Mr J Peng BEng(Civil) GradDipTch
Year 6 Mrs L Morris DipTch AMusA
Primary Specialist Teachers  
Head of Primary Pastoral Care; P-1 Technology Teacher Mrs T O’Sullivan BEd
Project Officer; 5 Maths Mrs A Hayward BTP MTch MEd
Primary Leadership Assistant p/t Ms J Harris DipTch BEd ThL
Primary Student Support  
Head of Student Support Mrs A Varghese BSc BEd MEd MPsych
Student Support Case Manager (Years P-2) p/t Mrs J-A Staines BTch GradDipEd
Student Support Case Manager (Years 3-4); 3 Maths Mrs M Canaris BEd BChild&FamilyStudies
Student Support Case Manager (Years 5-6) p/t Mrs M Jones BA GradDipEd
Primary Learning Extension  
Writing Extension p/t Mrs Z Horton CertGE Cert IV TESOL BEd MEd(GftdEd) ATCL
Learning Extension Coordinator; EAL Teacher; Instructional Coach Mrs G Moriarty Cert IV TESOL BA MSpEd GradDipEd
Learning Extension: Aspire 4 Class Teacher; Instructional Coach & Staff Development; p/t Mrs J Huntington BEd
Learning Extension: Aspire 5 Class Teacher; Library Mrs L Owens Cert GE BEd
Learning Extension: Aspire 6 Class Teacher p/t Mrs M Brown BEd GradCertEd
Learning Extension Teacher: Mathematics p/t Mrs J Lane DipTch CertGE
Writing; NAPLAN Preparation p/t Mrs N Leigh DipTch BEd
Primary English as an Additional Language  
English as an Additional Language Coordinator Ms D Allen Cert IV TESOL Cert III ChCommPrac BA GradDipTch GradCert ChristianEd Grad Dip Min Stud
English as an Additional Language p/t Mrs L Toms Cert IV TESOL BEd AssDipEdChildCare
English as an Additional Language Intensive Mrs Z Richards Cert IV TESOL BSocSc GradDipEd GradCertSocAdmin
Primary Languages Education  
Language Education (French) p/t Mme L Doux DipEngl BFr(Hons) MFr(Lit)(Hons) GradCertTchg
Language Education (Chinese) p/t Mrs S Lee BEd MAppLangLinguist
Language Education (Spanish) p/t Mrs M Salfate BTch (UMCE)
Language Education (Chinese) p/t Miss G Chang B MusPerf(Hons 1) GradDipEd
Primary Arts Education  
Art p/t Mrs N Fitzgerald BEd
Music; Choral p/t Mr D Impey BCreativeInd GradDipMusEd GradDipEd
Music; Choral; Chinese Miss G Chang BMusPerf(Hons1) GradDipEd
Music Coordinator; Choral p/t Mrs M Betia Cert IV TESOL BMusPerf BMus BEd
Primary Sport and HPE  
Head of Primary Sport & HPE Mr J Pearson BAppSc (HMS Ed)
Health & Physical Education; Director of Football (primary and secondary) Mr D Le Petit BBus(Mgt) BEd
Health & Physical Education Mr Michael O’Sullivan AssDipAppSc BEd
Primary Technology  
2-6 Technology; 6 Maths Mr M Dodd BIT GradDipEd
P-1 Technology Mrs T O’Sullivan BEd
Director of Secondary Administration; Science Mr R Webb BSc DipEd
Director of Student Care (Secondary); Careers Mr N Shuker MCareerDev BSc DipEd AdvDipMgt, DipTAA DipRelCouns DipProjMgt Cert III IT CDec (QLD) Cert IV TAE
Director of Studies Secondary; English Mr W Stewart Cert IV TESOL BA(Hons) MA HDipEd FDE
Director of Teaching & Learning Innovation (Secondary); Science; XP Extension Program Mrs C Mills Cert IV TESOL BSc(Hons) MSc DipBusInfSys GradDipEd
Director of Project Development; Mathematics;  Business Mr T Francis BEd
Secondary English  
Head of English Mrs R Barrett BBus(Journ) GradDipEd Cert Theol METAQ
English; History p/t Mrs R Teo BA BEd (Ms N Fong BJourn BA MA GradDipEd on leave Sem 1)
English; Head of Year 12; Senior Head of Year Mrs L Van den Berg Cert IV TESOL BA HDipEd
English; Coordinator of English as an Additional Language Mr R Harri BEd MEd Stud
English; Head of Christian Formation Mrs E Gallagher BEd MEd
English Mrs M Mare BA GradDipEd
English; Head of Year 10 Mrs H Clapham-Burns BA MEdStud (Guid&Couns) GradDipEd
English Mr A Bickerton BTh BA DipArts GradDipEd
English; History Mr J Paschke BEd
English; Maths; History Ms D Ray MEd GradCertEarlyChldhd
Secondary  Mathematics  
Head of Mathematics Mrs C Bornhutter BA HDipEd
Mathematics; Director of Project Development; Business Mr T Francis BEd
Mathematics Mr P Terec DipTch BEng
Mathematics Mr Q van der Merwe DipEd HDipEd
Mathematics; Head of Year 11 Mr M Muller HDipEd DipBusMgt ICDL
Mathematics Mr P Wepener DipEd HDipEd
Mathematics Mrs S Archie BSc GradDipEd
Mathematics; Head of Year 9 Mr N Lim BA&Ed Cert III Church & Community Practices
Mathematics; XP Extension Program Mrs C Terec Cert III IT Cert IV Bus Cert IV TAE Dip T(ECE) BEd
Secondary Science  
Head of Science & STEM Academy Mrs N Parsons Cert IV TESOL BSc HDipEd
Science; Director of Secondary Administration Mr R Webb BSc DipEd
Science Mr N Hsieh BSc BEd
Science; Head of Year 7 Mr C Paten Cert IV TAE BSc GradDipEd BEd (SpEd)
Science Mrs S Taylor BA BEd
Science Mr P van Driel BEng(Mech) MSc GradDipEd
Science; PE Mr D Dyer Cert IV TAE BEd MEd AFAIM IAAAC
Science; Head of Professional Practice; XP Extension Program Coordinator Mrs M Fouché Cert IV TAE BA(Ed) BA(Hons)HMS
Science; Coordinator of College Pride (Houses) Mr J Chan BSc BEd
Science Mr D Collins BEd
Secondary  Geography  
Head of Geography Mr M Mills Cert IV TESOL BA(Hons) GradDipEd
Geography; History Mrs S Oberholzer BA(Hons) HDipEd
Geography; English Mr A Welgemoed BA DipYouthPrep DipEd(CompEd) HDipEd
Secondary History  
Head of History Mr T Tsimboukis BA BEd HDipEd
History; English Mrs H Costello BA BEd
History; Business; Study of Religion Mr D England BA(Criminology&CriminalJustice) GradDipHum GradDipEd
Secondary Arts  
Head of Arts Mrs S Couchman BA GradDipEd
Arts; NOVA Arts Mrs C Dennis BCreativeIndustries BEd
Arts; Cert II Live Production Mr A Stephens Cert IV TAE BFineArt BEd
Arts Mrs N Stock BMus(Hons) BMusEd HDipEd
Arts Mrs L Lim BCreativeIndustries BEd
Arts Mrs B Dodd CertIV TAE BMultimedia GradCertEd(HEd) Grad DipEd
Coordinator of NOVA Arts Mr G Couchman BCreativeIndustries BEd
Arts; NOVA Arts Ms M Tsang BEd
Secondary  Technology  
Head of Technology; Voc Ed Mr P Hollyock Cert IV Hosp BEd (D&T)
Technology; Mathematics Mr N Cheney BEng(Civil) GradDipT&L
Technology Mrs I McMillan Cert IV TAE BInfTech MTch
Technology Mr B Palise Cert III Carpentry BIT GradDipEd
Technology; History Mr D Hatton Cert IV TAE BMin GradDipLng&Tch
Technology; Coordinator of International Student Outreach Program Mr R Guinane Cert III IT Cert IV TAE Cert IV TESOL Dip RE DipTch MDiv
Technology; PE p/t Mrs M White Cert IV TAE BEd(Hons)
Technology; PE p/t Mrs B Edwards BSc (HMS Ed)
Secondary Business  
Head of Business Mrs V Turner Cert IV TAE BEd St Dip Tch(Comm)
Business Mr L Bettinson BComm BEd
Business Mrs H Kenyon BEc DipEd GradDipSecStudEd Cert II Ed. of Music Tchrs
Business; Head of Year 8 Mrs H Muller BA HDipEd
Secondary Vocational Education  
Head of Vocational Education; Business; Voc Ed Mrs L Calero Cert III Business Cert IV TAE BComm BEd
Secondary Languages Education  
Languages Coordinator; French Mr J Alexis Cert IV TESOL BA MA Dip Tch BEd MEd
Languages (Chinese) p/t Mrs E Chen BSc MSc MA(AppliedLinguistics) GradDipEd
Languages (Chinese) p/t Ms S Su BA BEd MCounselling(Psychthpy) CELTA
Languages (Chinese) Mrs J Lee BA BEd
Secondary Sport and Health & Physical Education  
Head of Secondary Sport; Coordinator of Health & PE Mr D Wolfik Cert IV TAE BEd
Health & PE; Technology Mrs T Turner AdvDipArts (IntDes&Dec) BBus(Events&Sports Mgmt) GradDipEd
Health & PE; Chapel Coordinator Mr W Cobb Cert SportsStudies BSport&ExerciseSc DipTch
Teaching & Learning  
Director of Teaching & Learning Innovation; Director of Citipointe Christian College Academy; Science; XP Extension Program Mrs C Mills Cert IV TESOL BSc(Hons) MSc DipBusInfSys GradDipEd
Student Support Teacher Mrs M Muller HDipEd
Student Support Teacher p/t Mrs D van Diermen BSocSc(Hons) HDipEd GradDipEd (SpNeedsEd)
Academic Manager Mrs S Harker DipTch Cert ESL RSA (Cambridge) Cert TEFLA MAppLinguistics(TESOL)
Secondary School Preparation Program Mrs J Francis NatDipBusEd GradDipTch CELTA (Cambridge)
Secondary School Preparation Program Mr J Leigh BEd BD(Hons) GradDipTch GradDipMusEd Cert IV TESOL
Secondary School Preparation Program Mrs Kristen Boddy Magri BA (Linguistics) Grad Cert Arts (TESOL) Cert IV TAE
Secondary School Preparation Program Mrs M Kapuzhanov AssDipMin DipBusMgt BA(Intercultural Ministry) CELTA (Cambridge) GradDipEd
English for Mathematics & English for Science p/t Mrs M Niemann Cert IV TESOL BSc HEdDip(PG) BEd
Homestay Coordinator Mrs H Jakins Cert IV BusAdmin DipBus
Assistant Homestay Coordinator p/t Mrs C Geeves
Student Welfare Counsellor p/t Mrs A Murray BA(Psych)(Hons) HDipEd MA(Counselling)
Administrative Assistant Mrs T Ferero BEd CertPR